Organizational Maneuverability FREE PREVIEW



It has been correctly said that “managers manage the status quo and leaders are required when something needs to be Created, Changed or Improved.”  Excellence in an unstable business environment will require true Leadership.
You’ll work module-by-module to identify what will be required for radical results in the rapidly changing and “Unstable” business environment of the future.
My goal is to provide you with the tools and opportunities to create a sustainable, responsive environment in your organization.  I want you to see with new eyes a picture of future organizational success and define with clarity those factors for your organization that release or limit your responsiveness and “maneuverability”.
Learning Outcomes

Develop leadership in your team members so that decisions can be made at the point of attack, or lowest levels of responsiveness.
Bring added clarity to the benefits and opportunities of a highly and rapidly changing business environment.
Set the stage for clients to begin to create a strategic plan that will enhance radical results in this environment.
Begin developing leaders to truly lead their teams successfully in this challenging business environment in a way that teams will release untapped potential.